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Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Pillow (Black)

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Cozy Hut Memory Foam Lumbar Support is designed for both office chairs and car seats, this memory foam back pillow offers comfortable, firm support. The lumbar cushion is beneficial for pressure relief when sitting for extended periods of time, especially for individuals with back injuries or chronic back pain. This can help to alleviate or prevent lower back pain, discomfort and stiffness.

Cozy Hut Memory Foam Lumbar Support also has two pockets in right and left sides for you to put mobile phone,pens or other small things you want to put. Our lumbar pillow is made with 100% premium, odor-free memory foam ,breathable, removable and machine washable cover,providing perfect comfort & support for years. This is excellent for improving your posture, reducing stress to the back and alleviating lower back pain.

Package includes:
1 Lumbar Pillow
1 Extral extended strap
1 Carrier bag

Shipping Dimensions: 4.9 L 15.2 W 13.9 H