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Great secrets of the past. - M .: "Publishing House Reader's Digest" 1996 - 448 p .: ill.
ISBN 5-89355-001-3
Before you is a unique collection of stories about mysterious, but nevertheless authentic events of the past, over the explanation of which scientists are still puzzling. Intriguing stories do not follow in chronological order, but are grouped by subject. In total there are 7 chapters in the collection, the names of which speak for themselves: "Those who disappeared without a trace", "The mysterious end", "Mysterious persons", "Guilty or not guilty?", "Half-truth-half-thoughts", "Questions without answers", "Fatal Mistakes ". After reading this book, you once again make sure that reality is often much more bizarre and more interesting than any fiction ...
Dimensions in cm: 20.5х25.5х3
Printed in Germany, 1998