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Headlamp is probably the most important item in the arsenal of a tourist, traveler, fisherman. After all, anyone who enjoys fishing, one way or another, encountered fishing at night. The headlamp frees the fisherman's hands and does not take place at the fishing point.
DESCRIPTION: The forehead waterproof high-impact flashlight with 8 bright LEDs, whose service life is up to 100 000 hours. The lantern has 4 operating modes: economical (2 LED), optimal (4 LED) bright (8 LED) and flashing. - Material plastic - Dimensions (mm) 81x62x45 - Weight, g (without batteries) 78 - No batteries included - Lamp 8 LEDs - Packaging double blister - Boxes 10/100 - Bright LEDs - Adjustable tilt angle of the flashlight - 3 operating modes - Waterproof - Condition good - Moscow