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Ball for Hand Massage

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Highly effective and universal method of self-healing by acting on biologically active points located on the hands. Healers of the ancient east knew that on the surface of the human body several hundred biologically active points and zones. Especially unique in this respect are the palms of the hands, peculiar "control panels" of the body. It is known that you can manage your health by stimulating biologically active points on the palms and fingers of your hands. Since ancient times, eastern doctors have worked on these points, improving the condition of the body. Each organ corresponds to a point on the palm of your hand. Self-medication stimulants are based on the assertion that the effect on the "point of correspondence" is equivalent to the effect on the diseased organ. By acting on them with the help of a special ball it is possible to regulate the work of all organs! Diameter - 8 cm. Moscow