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Holly Sabun Hijau 100 Gr - Sabun Kulit Gatal, Sabun Kulit Alergi, Sabun Biang Ke

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Product details of Holly Green Soap 100 Gr - Itchy Skin Soap, Allergic Skin Soap, Prickly Primer Soap, Antiseptic. Holly Green Soap has been trusted since 1988 as an antiseptic soap for various skin problems such as hives, zits, eczema, phlegm, ringworm, etc. With a special formulation of potassium, coconut oil, and antiseptic active ingredients make this soap very effective in dealing with skin problems. This product is very safe to use (certified by BPOM, CPKB, and HALAL), many people have proven it. For the problem of recalcitrant and many acne on the face, use regularly 3 times a day (morning, evening, and night) then the acne will be significantly reduced within 1-2 weeks. How to use: take a little green soap then wet it with water and rub it until it is frothy. Gently rub foam on the skin / problem area. Rinse with water until clean. New items, Exp. Date Apr 2021, POM NA 18110500474, weighs 110 grams