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Water Transfer Nail Art Sticker № XF1212

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Watermark stickers
Brand Name: ZKOItem
Number: HNR-XFR
Style: As Picture Show Model

Material: PET & Paper
Size:6.5cm x 5.2cm (app)
Color: As Picture
Quantity: 1 Sheet

Packing Content:
1Pcs Water Transfer Nail Art Sticker

How to use this nail sticker:
1. Removing the sticker on the surface of a layer of transparent film;
2. Cut out your favorite sticker group;
3. Soak in water for 10 to 20 seconds, stir with forceps to separate design and stickers.
Soaking in the winter need relatively long;
4. Use tweezers to take out the already separation membrane paster;
5. Smooth on fingernail surface natural air drying or use a blow dry at a distance;
6. Dried TuLiang oil, TuLiang oil to a blur, can not again and again Otherwise you will get flowers pattern;
After the first layer of light oil dry can be painted a layer of protection.