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Maxwell 2.85V 3400F super capacitor battery capacitor for audio solar power syst

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Product description: Brand: MaxWell Rated working voltage: 2.7v Rated capacity: 350F Capacity error range: 0%~10% The dc resistance: 3.2 m Ω Maximum continuous operating current (15℃) : 35A Maximum peak current: 220A Maximum leakage current (72hrs/mA) : 0.3mA Power density (W/kg) : 4600 Maximum energy (Wh) : 0.35 Energy density (W/kg) : 5.9 Operating temperature range: -40℃~65℃ Storage temperature range: -40℃~65℃ Weight (g) : 63.3 Size (mm diameter × length) : 33.3×61.5 Cycle life: ≥500000 Typical applications: Small UPS system Car audio high capacity capacitor system Toy car/toy airplane power supply Power supply for power tools Pulse power supply equipment Electrical resistance with instantaneous wave system Dc control system for power distribution station Solar and wind turbines Photovoltaic system LED lighting and marking power supply Short time high power energy storage system Pure electric vehicle hybrid vehicle energy system Car cold start system Car emergency start system Start