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Premium Blog: You're Amazing Empowr is Amazing Lets work Together To achieve Our goals

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The more I delve into Empowr the more I see the potential for it to really fulfil everyone's mission & YES that it includes yours.

But...I say this out of respect for the system, it's too amazing, as it's programmers have built it faster than what the coaches can keep up to, as the help manuals/indexes don't cover everything just yet.

You really have to read in-between the lines and test things to find their full potential based on what you're doing. It's different for everyone but the basic rules are the same.

This blog is about reporting what I see, letting people know about areas that I found challenging, what to watch out for, what to do to maximise their results and how we can work with Empowr to improve things in a way that works for everyone.

One main area is giving people who are new to the system, photo's, quotes, items to bid and list ect. that will help them fulfil their goals each day until they get the hang of things. Like the photo in this post.