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Ships Worldwide, Get 1000*** one Gram .999 Fine Silver bars, Sponsor Time 60days

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Bid: $3,700.00 (USD)
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Note: this auction is for a certificate only, that allows you to exchange it for Brand New 1.1 gram pure .999 silver bars with the Empowr image in Sept as were in pre-production.

Be one of the first to get these for the value will continue to increase as the price will be $5 a bar in Sept to meet Empowr $5 sales rule to qualify for Mission pts when you sell one.

These bars are being created to help celebrate the new countries where we believe you should be rewarded for your purchases.

So I repeat you'll only receive the certificate to start.

They come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you don't like what they look like in Sept, you can ask for a full refund.

Awesome gift to invest your empowr earnings on to buy for yourself, or as a gift or to sponsor to make even more money here on empowr.

Condition Brand New: Metal(s): 999 pure silver
Size: 15mm x 10mm

As to weight, every piece has small .2 error, this is a striking loss.

These bars are separate from