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Ships Worldwide, Get 7*** New Empower TWO Gram .999 Fine Silver Bars

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To be Clear you get a numbered Investment Certificate from Trever McGhee

Certificate entitles you to 3 options

1st option, redeem the certificate for silver bars this Sept or sooner if there are no delays in the production of these bars or the cash AMCOs from these sales.

**Trever is the artist creating the bars from 999 pure silver Size: 15mm x 10mm As to weight, every piece has small .3 error, this is a striking loss

2nd option, hang on to it!

****The value is guaranteed to grow!

The number of silver bars attached to your cert increases 5% every month to a max of 120%.

1 month 5%
3 months 15%
6 months 30%
12 months 60%
24 months 120% increase in the number of pure silver bars.

3rd option: Sell it

Trever McGhee will buy back any certificate for the face value of that certificate that he or any authorized rep has sold with his empowr account.

Final Note: this auction must be marked received within 7 days of receiving your personalized #cert