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Moisturizing Lipstick Brushed Gloss

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Net Weight: 10g
Advantage: Humidifier
Partomer: Matte Liquid Lip gloss
Quantity: 1pc
Ingredient: Lip gloss
Size: Full size
Country of Origin: China
Certificate Number: 000
Features: durable
100% Brand New
High quality
Color: 12 colors you can choose which one you like.


1. from matte velvet View.
2. It's waterproof, and will not stick on the cup.
3. It's best to use lip balm or lip-based items before putting it on your lips.
4. It will have a good effect when applied in a very thin layer.
5. Do not squeeze the lips after apply gloss, or it will be sticky.
6. It will look a bit darker if you use a lip brush than your hands. Therefore, the lip brush is highly recommended.
7. Oil, food would make it fade a bit, so you would have to avoid french fries when wearing this lip gloss.
8. Please apply a transparent or similar color powder to your lips if you feel it is sticky.
9. Please use a professional oil to remove mak