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Mobile Phone Ring Stent

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Compact and slim mobile phone ring stent for ring buckles and ring holder.
Condition: Brand new
Brand: Generic
Accessories Style: Ring grip
Type: Miscellaneous accessories
Ring Material: Stainless steel
Ring Inside Diameter: 22mm. Ø
Ring Thickness: 3mm.
Adhesive Base Material: Hard plastic
Adhesive Base Size: 40mm. x 35mm. x 1mm.
Weight: 20 gram approx.
Available Color and Design: Various colors with embedded cute cartoon characters
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Convenient and safe grip to prevent dropping device and control device while you are operating phone and taking picture.
Horizontal and vertical kickstand.
Rotates 360° and Swivels 180° to accommodate your unique grip and optimal viewing angle.
Made from premium material and color makes your phone more luxurious look.
Phone Stand: Good for watching movie and playing music.
Reusable Self-Adhesive: Dust can be washed out using clean water to restore strong adhesiveness.