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New Aluminum Credit Card Holders

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Business Card Holder, Business Card Case Business Card Wallet, Aluminum Credit Card Holders for Men and Women (Black)
Material : Aluminum Alloy,Size: 3.7" L x 2.4" W x 0.27" H; Weight: 17g
Perfect for storing your business cards, credit cards, name cards, gift cards, etc.
Portable, light and sleek design, easy to use and carry in your pocket or purse.
Easy to open and close, compact and lightweight,fit easily into your pocket,briefcase or purse.
The small and compact card organizer holds about 12-15 business cards or 5 credit cards depending on the thickness of cards. The Ideal Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Va♞-- Modern Stainess Pocket Business Card Holder, Great for when you are out on the road, visiting clients/customers or at a conference.

♞-- Sleek and Slim Design Easy to Use and Carry, make your business life convenient and effective

♞-- Designed to protect and organize your cards - so that you get one when you need one

♞-- Holds about 10-15 cards