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New Earphone

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(Blue) Microsoft Lumia 850 Aluminium In Earphones/Headphones 3.5mm Jack With Microphone ONX3®
Compatible with all 3.5mm devices i.e smartphones, MP3 players, laptops & PCs.
Fitted with a microphone perfect for making and recieving calls.
Amazing sound quality with bass boost.
Soft earbud that mould for a perfect fit in your ear.
Great build made from high grade aluminium .
Product description
These in ear bud earphones are the perfect addition for your smartphone, mp3 player, laptop or PC, they offer rich clear sound quality and amazingly comfortable to wear as they come with rubber earbuds with fit deep within your ear, perfect for any activity ie gym, running dady to day listening of music, they are also installed with a built in microphone for making and accepting calls.