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Webcam Canyon Cne-hwc1

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Webcam Canyon CNE-HWC1 is suitable for daily use. In addition to the transfer of high-quality video with a resolution of 640x480 the model is used for photography. High video format provides accurate and detailed recording, and the CMOS-matrix used produces images with minimal amount of noise. Smooth video recording without jerks is achieved due to the high refresh rate of the screen 30 fps. With the camera's manual focus, the sharpness and clarity of the transmitted image is adjusted. The Canyon CNE-HWC1 camera is mounted on any surface from a flat notebook to a shelf on a computer desk thanks to a universal clip-like clip. A wide viewing angle is provided due to the possibility of rotating the model by 360 °. With this option, you can shoot a moving object without turning the monitor. To connect a portable device using a USB cable, which makes the accessory compatible with a computer or laptop of the generations of Windows and MacOS.