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Premium Blog: Episode 3: In Our Image (the Babylon Nimrod plan)

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EPISODE 3: In this episode, you get to experience several foundational things that explains much of what is going on earth and why? You get to hear some of this from the point of view of Heylel (the Satan) Things like: (a) Why the flood; (b) Why Heylel thinks YHVH brought a flood upon earth. (c) What Satan did before and after the Flood of Noah to see to it that NO MAN could ever be righteous before God.

The rest of the story of man has to do with all these things, so do not miss it. And there is much more. You experience the Nimrod / Semiramis Plan. How does that work? You may want to hear this episode over and over until you begin to see how it fits what man believe in his religions and where they come from.
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