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Premium Blog: EPISODE 12: Secret of Birth of John and Yeshua (Jesus)

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Heylel (The Satan) and his fellow conspirators try to figure out why God set a short time limit for the salvation of man. Since they figured that YHVH failed for 4,000 years, there would be no way a man would be born that they could not deceive. They calculate how soon they will win the battle by what Gabriel told Daniel.

The Blessed Mary is chosen to have the seed that is to walk on the head of the dragon. But as a mother, the struggle will pierce her heart too.

This will be the one series of events that will stand as the seminal events of the universe for all times to come; even in the new heavens and new earth. What is to be done will have eluded Heylel and made if possible to empower men that are to come in the end days, like Thomas Hankins.
Go to link Below to hear many minutes of the Audio drama and get all episodes on Empowr