Meet our advisors

Dr. Jodi Beggs

Economics Expert —

Dr. Mark Bevir

Professor of Political Science — UC Berkeley

Sunita Bose

Director of Policy —

Dr. David Ciepley

Professor of Political Science — University of Denver

Dr. Denise Dimon

Director — Ahlers Center for International Business — University of San Diego

Dr. Zachary Elkins

Professor of Government — University of Texas

Dr. Yi Feng

Professor of Government — Claremont Graduate University

Dr. Jon Gant

Director — Center for Digital Inclusion at University of Illinois

Dr. Michael A. Gillespie

Professor of Political Science — Duke University

Raina Kumra

Founder —

Dr. Dipak K. Gupta

Professor of Political Science — San Diego State University

Dr. Yasheng Huang

Associate Dean — MIT Sloan School of Management

Dr. Shachar Kariv

Economics Department Chair — UC Berkeley

Dr. Joel Rogers

Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs and Sociology — University of Madison-Wisconsin

Dr. Mark Klein

Principal Research Scientist — MIT

Dr. Hélène Landemore

Professor of Political Science — Yale University

Dr. Scott E. Page

Professor of Complex Systems, Political Science, and Economics — University of Michigan

Dr. Frances Rosenbluth

Professor of Political Science — Yale University

Dr. Robert Luskin

Professor of Government — University of Texas, Austin

Dr. John Morgan

Professor of Economics — UC Berkeley

David Landau

Associate Dean for International Programs — Florida State University College of Law